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Dashing through the snow, in a husky-driven sleigh


Winter holiday fun in Lapland

There is so much joy to be experienced in Lapland for the whole family. Husky rides, private meeting with Santa and sleigh rides are just a few of the many activities to make your Lapland holiday magical.

A customer's experience.....

“Boof!f”. Something hard thumped into my back accompanied by a loud giggle from my 4-year old. “Mummy, throw one at me, throw one at me!” So I did. A barrage of snowballs followed and laughter rang out. This trip to Lapland had been planned for months - you had to, trips book up fast - and it was worth every penny. 

We viewed this holiday as a once in a lifetime thing: the children could see Father Christmas and his elves in a properly snowy, cold environment and it would be something that they, and us, would remember for ever.  When we booked, we didn’t know anyone else who had been and it felt like a trip into the unknown, albeit a very exciting trip!

Our whole holiday was non-stop and fun-filled. From the moment we boarded the specially chartered plane, there was singing and laughter. Our three days were packed-full with activities - snowmobiling, huskies, sleigh rides, tobogganing, snowballing - though we could have spent the “spare” time walking in the snow should we have chosen to do so.  The children made friends and we had the time and energy to play with them, before crashing and burning at night from all the fresh air and exercise.

Our absolute highlight was meeting Father Christmas. The children had written the big man a letter in advance, which we secretly packed in our suitcases and handed to the “elves” on arrival.  Huskies pulled us to our meeting, the children were beside themselves with excitement and were unusually speechless when they entered his presence to find him holding their letters and calling them by name.  

There was a problem with the trip though - it turned out to be so addictive that we would really like to go back again next year, though whether we will go to a different resort to see more of this fabulous country is being debated. Time for a call to Your Perfect Travel for advice!

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